Carpet Cleaning Services

Furniture is carefully selected by families to suit their décor and comfort needs. Therefore sofas, chairs and loveseat couches are treasured by all members of the family. Everyone has their special seat where they relax and rest. Because families gather on their favorite furniture items so often, they gather dirt, stains and dust very rapidly. If there are pets in the house the problem is just worsened.


If you really value your furniture, it is essential to call on the services of the premier loveseat cleaning company in Los Angeles. We at Camarillo Carpet Cleaning Services provide the best quality furniture cleaning service which is also 100 % safe on your furniture. Our customers are top priority to us and our customer service reflects that. We will do an inspection of your loveseat in the comfort of your own home. The type of fabric on your loveseat will be taken into account when we formulate a cleaning plan.  You will receive a free quotation before we commence with the cleaning process.

A grime dissolving agent is sprayed on the fabric of your loveseat to loosen all the unwanted dirt embedded in it.  The dissolving agent breaks down greasy body oils that accumulate on the fabric over time. This non-toxic cleaning agent is important to ensure that no hard scrubbing is necessary. Our expert technicians will attend to every corner and fabric fold on your loveseat couch. After the dissolvent has been left a while to soften the stains and oils, our team will proceed to clean the fabric with our cleaning machines. We use powerful vacuum systems to extract each grain of dirt from your sofa.

Our technicians will apply a sanitizer and deodorizer to eliminate pet odor and bacteria from your love seat. We also provide the option of a fabric protector to guard your loveseat couch from future staining and other marks. This protective agent enhances the beautiful colors and grain of the material on your couch.

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