Camarillo Carpet Cleaning Services have teams of experienced staff that will solve all your area rug cleaning issues. We are a professional carpet and rug cleaning company that pride ourselves in the attention to detail we provide to every cleaning project. We have many years’ experience in the cleaning industry in Camarillo.

Our consultants will attend to your rug cleaning enquiries before scheduling an area rug inspection by one of our teams. You will receive a free quotation after our technicians have assessed the state of your area rugs.

Every rug requires a different approach to cleaning. Our trained technicians are experienced in identifying the problem areas on your rugs. Our rug cleaning processes are very diverse which enables us to attend to specific rug cleaning needs. Your rugs are in good hands.


Camarillo Carpet Cleaning provide the complete cleaning services in Camarillo

Camarillo Carpet Cleaning Services uses the best state of the art cleaning equipment and tools in our rug cleaning processes. Our technicians will attend to every spot and stain on your rug. We use the latest technology to attend to all those heavily soiled areas on your rug. You will be able to use your rugs on the same day because we use a special area rug drying method. An airbrush will completely remove germs and bacteria from your rug.

The rug cleaning process starts with a pre-wash, then thorough cleaning, deep rinsing, airbrush drying and sanitizing. A fiber protection solution will be applied to your rug after the completion of the cleaning process. Our technicians will adjust the cleaning process to the specific cleaning need of your rugs. Only non-toxic cleaning solutions are used in the cleaning and protection of your rugs. We are experienced in the removal of all kinds of stains such as red wine, cold drinks, oil and all types of food stuffs.  You won’t believe that you ever had a stain on your sparkling clean carpets.

Camarillo Carpet Cleaning Services have a free pick-up and drop-off service. We will collect, clean and return your rugs to your doorstep within 6 hours. Call our consultants for a free quote.