Carpet Cleaning Camarillo

Camarillo Carpet Cleaning Services is an Eco-friendly carpet cleaner and is an experienced Los Angeles area carpet cleaning company offering residential and commercial cleaning services.  We are experts with all sorts of carpets and rugs, the air duct and vents, furniture, draperies, tiles and grout.  Carpet Cleaning Camarillo provide nothing but eco-friendly cleaning service, using only environmentally cleaning products that are safe for your home, family and pets.

As a local professional carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning Camarillo takes great pride and care in the overall quality of work that we provide.  For a cleaning company like our cleaning service, nothing is more important to us than for our customers having a very clean home or office.  Because of this, carpet cleaning Camarillo always is certain to offer the highest quality of cleaning services that will benefit all of our customers’ requirements, mainly because we use top-quality carpet and furniture cleaning products that are much safer for everyone in their household.

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carpet cleaning camarilloWhether for a residence or business, when you need your carpets cleaned, we’re here to make sure every inch of your carpeting gets thoroughly cleaned.  Aside from cleaning carpets, we offer other cleaning services, which included: area rug rejuvenation, professional carpet restoration, furniture polishing and cushion cleaning.  We are industry experts in the cleaning industry, and the Los Angeles area’s most trusted cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Camarillo Services

•    Dry Extraction Cleaning •    Fabric Protectant •    Stain Removal •    Air Duct Cleaning – Cleaning of Entire Ventilation System •    Tile & Grout Cleaning •    Window Treatments •    Fire & Flood Restoration

Camarillo Carpet Cleaning Services – Stain Removal Experts

As one of the top carpet cleaners in the Los Angele’s area, carpet cleaning Camarillo is best-known for removing stains out of rugs, upholstery, and window treatments.   We are industry experts in the removal of all kinds of carpet cleaning camarillostains, including: •    Chocolate Stains •    Kool-Aid Stains •    Dirt & Mud Stains •    Red Wine Stain Removal •    Craft – Paint & Marker Stains •    Makeup Stains •    Grease Stains •    Pet Urine & Feces Stains

Being a homeowner especially with kids and pets, it can be challenging to keep the home clean.  With children and pets, it usually means there are occasional spills and dirt on the carpet and furniture.  And, it isn’t usually once either.  Because of this, it requires a professional carpet cleaner to clean effectively and remove any build up and stains in the carpet and the furniture.


Fortunately, carpet cleaning Camarillo offers residential carpet and drapery cleaning using top-notch and efficient cleaning products that are environmentally safer for your home, family and pets.  We utilize a specific cleaning system that deep cleans the carpets, reducing or even riding dust mites and molds, leaving your carpeting fresher and cleaner.  On top of this, with the systems dual-brush process, you can bet that all of the dirt and stains will disappear from your carpets and area rugs, in no time at all!  Regardless of what type of carpet or furniture, we can get it thoroughly cleaned for you!

Carpet Cleaning Camarillo Commercial Cleaning Services

carpet cleaning camarilloCamarillo Carpet Cleaning is not too big on advertising on television or interrupting your TV shows for commercials. This is mostly because we generate enough revenue from our regular clients as well as our new customers.


We love being the word-to-mouth company that our customers recommend to their coworkers and friends. Our commercial carpet cleaning services in Camarillo, applies to our friends who work in offices and businesses and need to clean their carpets to ensure a better working quality of the environment. Our night crew is available 24 hours a day in cleaning the office or building


Our live dispatchers are available to take your call daily, and we make same day appointments as well. Whether you feel the need to call us during the day or at night, we’re here to speak wonders to you. If you feel that the service that you need wasn’t listed above, free feel to give us a call anyways and we’ll make sure that we contact a professional in our pool to assist you with your needs.


Our technicians offer Carpet Cleaning in Camarillo and the whole Ventura County. If you need your sofa cleaned or just need to clean that wine stain on your carpets, Give Camarillo Carpet Cleaning a call at (805) 214-1776 and we will provide  you with a free estimate.


Aside from residential carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning Camarillo also offers commercial cleaning for all business sizes.  As an Eco-friendly carpet cleaning and drapery cleaning company, we also specialize in high traffic areas like restaurants and hotels!  From all kinds of carpet and area rugs, window coverings, upholstery, and the air duct system, we can provide top-quality, on-site commercial cleaning service to industries just like the following: •    Business Offices •    Lobbies & Hallways •    Colleges and Universities •    School •    Nursing Homes •    Restaurants •    Airports

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For the best residential and commercial eco-friendly cleaning services, call Carpet Cleaning Camarillo today!  Our live dispatchers are available to take your call and make a same day appointment for your added convenience.  No matter whether you need to contact us during the day or the middle of the night, we are ready to serve you.  Our technicians are skilled and prepared for any job.  Give Carpet Cleaning Camarillo a call today at (805) 214-for your free estimate.

We provide carpet cleaning in Camarillo in the following zip codes :

93010, 93011, 93012